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¨¨¨¨an exercise in combinatory aesthetics: bits and pieces that make up a perfect world. information on (many) images is provided in notes.

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Book forthcoming from Civil Coping Mechanisms in 2015.

Book forthcoming from Civil Coping Mechanisms in 2015.

Book forthcoming from Civil Coping Mechanisms in 2015.


  • I want to go to a reading and feel excited about what’s happening, not overly critical or conscious of the classist/racist slash white-supremacist/elitist/clique-ish/scenester bullshit that’s happening
  • I want to read something and feel like things are moving in a direction that’s not predicated by systemic structures whether they be an historical understanding of literature, an academic subset that demands adherence, a strict subscription to a school or “club” or simply a mode that pertains towards idea of careerism
  • I want to feel like my own work is doing something other than sitting in my harddrive and being encountered by people I love in real life and mediated by the internet
  • I want to feel terrified and upset and moved and pushed somewhere I didn’t think I wanted to go and sexy and frustrated and like a human being and like an alien and like the future without some sort of pre-meditated desire to link to certain strata of human experience
  • I want to be able to be angry or happy or upset or thrilled or terrified or intense or dramatic or ridiculous without someone else instantly stepping in to tell me why feeling whatever it is that I’m exhibiting is wrong or incorrect
  • I want to read narrative work without thinking “damn this would be a lot better as a blockbuster movie” 
  • I want to be able to communicate to people why I love the poetry that I love the way I do without there being some stupid and pointless walls that I feel the need to break down first

I’m too much of a genre-snob to actually pretend like I think The Exorcist is “the best thing ever” (I actually prefer Exorcist II and I’m not being ironic in that decision), but this teaser trailer for the first film is still fucking perfect and I had forgotten about it until today.

"Artaud’s process of anatomical reconfiguration faces impossible obstacles: it may be unhinged by representation before it has even taken hold, it must encompass the bodies of the entire human species, it must involve an apocalyptic upheaval of all time and space, it must detonate all social institutions, it must annul death (which holds sexual terrors), and it must be accomplished primarily through the medium of a collection of several hundred school-children’s notebooks. But Artaud is enduringly certain that - as ever in his work - the impossible act is the most realizable of acts, and he remains so until the last moment of his work; because ‘god’ is not on his side, he cannot fail. And if representation appears to have assembled an all-powerful and uniformly malign coalition against Artaud’s anatomical project, that power can still be undone by the most ephemeral corporeal gesture, or by the negligible surface of the notebook page."

—Stephen Barber, Antonin Artaud: Terminal Curses

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